Annual Training Plans Underway!

Each year, The Widow’s Pantry invites current leaders, volunteers, and supporters to participate in training to demonstrate the power and ability to serve God’s people through Christian outreach.

As the country continues to practice caring and safe measures to limit social interaction, we too are looking at ways to engage and stay connected — albeit without in-person events. 

We look forward to announcing a date and location (including the prospect of a virtual event).

Look for details on when and how you can participate in the 2020 Annual Training.

Previous programs involved all levels of creativity and spiritual gifts, including:

  • Videos demonstrating service activists
  • Volunteer testimonials
  • Poetry
  • Biblical teachings
  • Rousing guest speakers and clergy

The Widow’s Pantry looks forward to a powerful, inspiring program again in 2020.

Article submitted by Margaret Doles

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