Is the Widow’s Pantry providing volunteer services during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please check here for regular updates regarding volunteer services, which ensure the safety of volunteers and our clients.


Where does The Widow’s Pantry provide your volunteer service?

At Farragut Square Park most second Saturdays each month (exceptions: November and December).


What do I do when I arrive?

  1. Sign in at the Admin table, and complete a waiver and application form.
  2. Take a 5-minute orientation.


Can my church ministry come as a group to volunteer?

Yes, you can coordinate your church organization volunteer time by calling (202) 723-6839.


Is The Widow’s Pantry a 501(c)(3) non profit organization?

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) and registered in the District of Columbia as a corporation.


How can I donate money?

Donate online, or mail checks to PO Box 56727, Washington, DC 20040.  Make checks and money orders payable to The Widow’s Pantry. Do not send cash.


How can I donate food and seasonal clothing?

Contact the Widow’s Pantry at (202) 723-6839 to schedule pickup, or bring donations to the park.  We do not accept bed linen or small appliances.


Can I receive a tax deductible receipt for clothes and money donated to The Widow’s Pantry?

Yes, tax deductible receipts can either be mailed or given at the park while we serve for all clothes and money donations.


Can high school students receive community credit for the volunteer service?

Yes, high school students can receive community credit for volunteer service.  The student must sign the Youth Sign-in Sheet and log in the time you start and stop service. Students must bring a school community credit form with them when volunteering.  We will complete the form, certify and mail it.


If I was ordered to community service by a Court, can I perform it with The Widow’s Pantry?

Yes, You must sign in at our Admin table, and provide the name of the court and judge that ordered you to service. You will receive a letter within two weeks for the service you provided with The Widow’s Pantry.